PC Service/Repair

Cost: $45.00/hr Residential, $65.00/hr Business

This is the service PC Guardians prides itself on. Our friendly certified technicians provide on-site assistance, troubleshooting, service, and repairs at our very affordable prices.

If your computer is acting slow or like it has a mind of its own, give PC Guardians a call! In no time at all, we will identify and resolve whatever issue your computer may be having.

December Special!

For the whole month of December, PC Guardians is offering a special computer tune-up and protection package for just $150.00! One of our certified technicians will come out and install/perform:

  • Premium AntiVirus Software - Provides the best AntiVirus protection available.
  • Premium AntiSpyware Software - Provides active protection against the latest Spyware on the Internet.
  • Premium Spam Blocker Software - Blocks against the worst of spam E-Mails.
  • Full System Sweep - Removes old unused files that are slowing your computer down.
  • Hard Drive Tune-up - Speeds up the opening of applications.

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